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Did you know that each year, termites cause over $2 billion damage to homes? We offer the best and quickest pest control and treatment in the Denton and Dallas Ft. Worth area. Termites often go unnoticed while they are doing damage to your home. They are almost always discovered after extensive damage has already been done. As shown in the picture below, they can do significant damage if undetected.

Signs Your Home Has It

Termites fall into two types, workers and soldiers. The workers usually seen burrowing through wood while the soldiers are the ones who  protect the colony from any threats.

Termites attack homes because of the large amount of wood that home are built with. They are able to get through the smallest cracks to find wood. Once the termites have food wood in, they’ll start to eat away at it and can cause silent damage to the wood in your house. After we have removed the termites from your home we can treat the wood of your home to prevent any future termite invasions.

Here are some signs that you might have termites:

  • Clicking sounds coming from walls
  • Discarded wings
  • Bugs that look like ants but are white
  • Hollow sound of wood in your home
  • Stiff windows and warped doors
  • Visible tunnels in wood

If any of these signs are present in your home, call us immediately so the problem doesn’t escalate any further.

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Don’t hesitate, the longer you wait the more damage termites will do to your home. Give us call us at (940) 202-2850 and get rid of your termite problem.

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