Spider Control

We’ve been receiving many complaints recently from our customers regarding their spider problems. There are tons of reasons why our customers seek to remove this pest from their home and backyard. No matter the reason is, the Denton Pest Control is here to help get rid of your problems immediately.

A lot of people simply hate the idea of seeing them inside their homes. If this sounds like your family, then we want to help. Once we free your residence of other pests, they will no longer have a reason to stay at your house. Sounds good right?

If you have noticed one of poisonous kind, you should call one of our experts immediately.

There are two poisonous kinds that you may encounter: the brown recluse and the black widow.

The brown recluse has a necrotic venom. When bitten, it requires the need of medical attention. On the other hand, the black widow, they are mostly found in a temperate area. The bite of this specific type is much feared for its venom is 15 times more deadly than a rattlesnake’s venom. If you ever encounter these types, give us a call immediately for it requires serious attention. It’s easy to kill them with something hard and long, but that will not help to protect you from the others who might be hiding where you do not see them. If one spider is present, certainly others are lingering around your walls.

The Black Widow

Many people are familiar with the appearance of the black widow. It is black with a red hourglass on its underside. We’ve discovered that they are mostly in houses, barns, basements, sheds and woodpiles. This one is quite poisonous and is common. When reaching into an area that you can’t see, you should be sure to wear gloves to protect yourself from this kind.

The Brown Recluse

The brown recluse that you’ll find in Denton, Texas isn’t very large. Most often, it will be a golden-brown color, with a black line on its back. The web created by them usually doesn’t look similar to the webs of other ones. It is often disorganized and does not look symmetrical. They are commonly found in basements, garages, closets, and woodpiles.

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Whether it is poisonous or not, no matter how big or small it is, We’re here to help. We are only one call away from helping you get rid of your situation.

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