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We offer quick and efficient residential services to keep your family and home safe. We will not only solve any current pest problems that you have, but also help you keep pests out of your home with monthly, quarterly or annual pest protection services. Whether you have bugs crawling around your kitchen or rats in your garage, we are here .


Safe and Effective Treatment

Some pests, especially during colder months, can remain hidden or undetected while causing damage to your house. Cockroaches, rats and bed bugs are the most common pests in Denton. These pests have been invading more and more homes over the past few months. They can cause serious damage to your house. We are dedicated however to helping the residents of Denton keep their homes pest free all year long.

Plan Ahead

Termites have become a major problem in Denton. They can cause a lot of destruction because they often go undetected while heavily damaging your home. A typical colony of termites usually consists of thousands of individuals. They feed on wood, which is a common material in nearly every home. Many termite infestations that have been left alone for too long result in heavy structural damage that costs thousands to fix. If you think that you may have termites you should give us a call immediately. Our exterminators will find all of the affected areas in your house and carefully remove all termites in your home. Once we’ve removed the termites, we’ll treat the unaffected wood surfaces with fumigants to prevent any further infestations.

It is easier to keep termites out of your home than to get rid of them once they have already entered your home. Our Denton Pest Control experts will custom-design the best solution to treat your termite troubles quickly and effectively.

We Care About Your Safety

If you had a pest problem in the past and want to never have one again, you should consider having regular prevention steps taken. This will keep out and away from your home.  It’s much easier to prevent pests in the first place than to deal with them once they have gotten inside your house. 

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