Denton Pest Control offers quick and efficient residential services to keep your family and home safe. We will not only solve any current pest problems that you have, but we also offer monthly, quarterly or annual maintenance. Whether you have bugs biting your children or rats in your garage, we can help you get rid of these troubles.


Safe and pest-free

Some pests, especially during colder months or the winter months, can remain hidden or undetected while causing damage to your house. Cockroaches, rats and bed bugs are the most common. We have received reports that they are actually on the up-trend, meaning they are invading more and more homes. These little creatures can cause serious damage to your household. We know that several companies are offering similar services in the Denton and Dallas Ft. Worth area but we’re glad that you continue to come to us.

Plan Ahead

Recently, we have seen an increase in the number of termite problems. They can cause a lot of destruction because they often go undetected while taking damage until it is too late. Their typical colony is consist of thousands of individuals. They feed on wood, which is a common material in nearly every home. You would be a lucky victim if they only eat your furniture. We’ve had several cases recently that included structural damage. If you think that you might have these issues, you should give us a call immediately. Our exterminators will find all of the affected areas in your house and will eradicate the termites. Once we’ve terminated them, we’ll treat the unaffected wood surfaces with fumigants to prevent any further infestations. A fumigant is a chemical that produces fumes and is used to disinfect a specific area.

If you had a pest problem in the past and want to prevent ever having one again, you should consider having regular prevention steps taken. This will keep them from harming your household. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!” It’s no different in protecting your house or business from such tiny creatures. It’s much easier to prevent the pests than to deal with them and the damage they’ve done. We also offer seasonal tree spraying and also weed control for those who want it.

We care about your safety. Give us a call now at (940) 202-2850. Hurry before they infiltrate your home.