Over the past years, Denton Pest Control has helped thousands of families and businesses residing in the Denton, Texas and Fort Worth area. Serious health and financial problems were eliminated along the process of terminating these pesky creatures causing troubles. Even if many companies like ours arise, we are still the best company recommended by locals.

Why Denton Pest Control?

spraying pest productsWe never stop! We value our clients but also our experts who are working to make our neighborhood better. We offer many training and create new ideas to further expand the skills of our professionals. We also have built a research facility wherein we analyze the behavior of these pests and learned how to eliminate them. Because not only we humans can adapt, but also them. That is why we need to keep an updated technology to further assist you more.

Of course there isn’t a single person who likes it when their home is invaded or infested by these annoying creatures. It seems that, no matter how clean and protected you keep your house, they will always find a way into your home. But you don’t have to worry, our mission is to keep Denton, Texas and the Fort Worth area pest-free.

Our team specializes mainly in rodent control. Rodents are a common problem in the area and if you think you can handle all of them at once, you might have to think again. Rodents in Denton, Texas are smart. They hide in dark places and hard-to-reach areas. You may have a sound sleep one night but you might wake up and there will be chewed clothes or pellet-like feces on your floors and kitchen counters. The last thing we wanted is to see them live, roaming in front of us.

Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services

We also cater to residential and commercial buildings. man spraying insectisideFor residential services, we plan the best treatment not just for your home but for also the individuals living in your area. We will conduct on-site visits, survey you about your health problems, and will schedule a time for moving out of the house if the pest infestation is bad. If the problem is just minimal, we can exterminate these in one day and would not be needing you to move out for a couple of days.

For commercial solutions, we advise that before you construct your buildings or establishments, make sure that you call Denton Pest Control to have your area examined. We will make sure that these tiny creatures such as termites that may chew up your wood structures will be eliminated, canals that may be a passage to your dining or kitchen area are sealed up, and holes in the ceilings, walls, and floors are properly inspected and secured. We will also be strict when it comes to complying with the sanitation standards that every company or business should have. Since establishments need a regular check-up, we advise that you apply for our recurring services to help you prevent these pests from gathering again.

Our products

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We also made our products that are available at the store. We use these products as well in handling your concerns.

Whether you have a current pest problem or simply have a question, give us a call at (940) 202-2850 and we’ll be more than glad to assist you.




What our customers say about us?

Pest Testimonial Somehow we got bed bugs in our house. I think we may have picked them up from a recent trip to Chicago. My wife and I woke up with bites covering our body. We freaked out and called Denton Pest Control. They led us through everything we had to do and then they came out. I was surprised that it didn’t cost more to get rid of them. Thanks.

-Chris M., Denton

Denton Pest Control Testimonial My dog had gotten fleas and they were taking over my house it seemed like. I got my dog but the fleas were already in my house! I tried a flea bomb and it seemed like it did nothing. I decided to call up Denton Pest Control and they came out the same-day.
– Andew, Denton