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Over the years, Denton Pest Control has helped thousands of families and businesses residing in the Denton, Texas and Fort Worth area. We make sure to keep our services very cheap and yet high quality at the same time. Among every pest control company in Denton we are the highest rated, so let our experts take care of your pest problems.

Why Choose Us?

We won’t stop until your pest are gone and you have your home back. Our professionals have the best training and are skilled at coming up with custom plans to treat your home.

Our experts have been in the pest control field for so long that they are highly knowledgeable on the behaviors of any pest. This knowledge is constantly growing and evolving though because pests change and adapt over time. 

We know that no one likes it when their home is invaded by pests. We also know that it can be frustrating because no matter how clean and protected you keep your house, they keep finding a way inside. Your frustration is over now though, our mission is to keep Denton, Texas and the Fort Worth area pest-free. We will help you get rid of current pests you have and protect your house against future infestations.

Our team works to get rid of any kind of pest that you may have. Rodents however are one of the most common problems in Denton, Texas. Rodents are super smart and very stealthy. They hide in dark and hard-to-reach areas which makes them a hard pest to get rid of. Signs that you have a rodent infestation could be chewed items around your home or pellet-like feces on your floors and kitchen counters. 

Residential & Commercial Pest Control Services

We treat both residential and commercial buildings. For residential services, we plan the best treatment not just for your home but also find the best way to keep your family safe. We conduct free inspections so that we can more accurately determine the best strategy for getting rid of the pest that you have. We try to get rid of your pest as quickly as possible and treatment shouldn’t take more than one or two days depending on the extent of the infestation.

For commercial solutions, we advise that you make sure to call us to have your property inspected and protected against future pests before you even start your business. We make sure that there are no destructive pests such as termites. We make sure that all possible pest entry points are sealed up, and holes in the ceilings, walls, and floors are properly secured.

We also make sure to comply with company sanitation standards as well as work around your times of business to ensure that we don’t get in your way. Since businesses often need regular check-ups to keep pests out, you should opt for our recurring prevention services to help you prevent any pests from getting into your business in the future.

Our Products

We make our own pest control products to ensure that you stay safe and we stay environmentally friendly.

Whether you have a current pest problem or simply have a question about prevention methods, give us a call at (940) 202-2850 and we’d be more than glad to assist you.

What our customers say about us

Somehow we got bed bugs in our house. I think we may have picked them up from a recent trip to Chicago. My wife and I woke up with bites covering our body. We freaked out and called Denton Pest Control. They walked us through everything we needed to do and then they came out. I was honestly surprised that it didn’t cost more to get rid of them. Thanks.

Chris M

My dog had gotten fleas and they were all over the house. I got my dog treated but the fleas were still in my house so I tried a flea bomb and it didn’t work at all. I decided to call up Denton Pest Control and they came out the same-day and got rid of the fleas.


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